Comparison of Student Bank Accounts

Money Savings for Students


Let’s face it: as a University student, you’ll probably find that you’ll need some extra financial help in the form of an overdraft.  The good thing about opening a student bank account is that they all offer agreed amounts of 0% interest overdrafts, meaning you can spend money that you don’t physically have (up to an agreed limit) which you won’t need to pay interest on provided you pay the money back in time. Here we are offering a comparison of student bank accounts to help you decide which is the best for you.

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5 Unusual Ways to Earn Money as a Student

Most peoples first thought for earning money is to get a part time job and many students do. But if you would prefer to use that valuable time studying for the best possible grade or partying with friends, there are other ways you can earn money. While some of these money making ideas may not make you loads of money, they will still contribute to those financial worries and help you sleep properly at night.

As you are at University, you will be living in a large town or city so there is no excuse for lack of opportunities. There are plenty of methods you can utilise as a student to earn some extra cash.


If you like kids this is a great little money maker. You may not earn loads but it can certainly give you some extra spending money. Put an ad up in children’s clothes shops, the post office, and schools; wherever parents are likely to see it, highlighting your skills and how you love working with kids. You may even get some regulars which could help you out year round. Also consider house sitting or looking after pets.

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Unwanted Presents? Thought about Regifting?

Money Saving Tips Tor Students

Have you received any unwanted presents this year and unsure what to do with them? Have a look at this quick guide to ‘Regifting’:


Any of these ideas work for you? If not then how about making some cash with our friends at Gumtree? Check out the Gumtree Blog for more details by clicking on one of the links below.

Top 5 rules of Regifting is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree UK.