3 Not-So-Obvious Items To Save You Money Next Term

The new term’s drawing ever closer, so now is the perfect time to start preparations for the coming year. Scrimping and saving will probably always be a part of the student experience, it’s true, but there are a few less than obvious things you can invest in while your new loan is fresh (or, better yet, while you still have the chance to drag parents to the shops) that could well save you a packet down the road.


1. Buy A Onesie

No, seriously. Onesies are cool. There’s also nothing better for keeping you nice and toasty than a fleecy onesie; it’s like wearing a blanket while you walk around the flat. Who needs expensive central heating?

As a bonus, buy one with a suitably ridiculous or spectacular design and you’ll have at least one of those endless fancy dress parties covered in advance.


2. Buy Two Alarm Clocks

Two is the right number of alarm clocks. Put one by your bed and the other hidden away in a distant part of your room, so you have to get up to turn it off. Sorted.

How does this save you money, though? Well, ask any veteran student and they’ll tell you that a time will come when you hit snooze one too many times on a day you can’t afford to miss. The bus is long gone and your only hope is the painful expense of a taxi. It’ll happen at least once, and it’ll cost you more than a cheap second alarm clock would have!

3. Buy A Brewery

OK, this is one you’re going to have trouble persuading your parents to buy for you, but if you chip in with a few flatmates you can get a brewing starter set for less than you might think! It’ll take a few weeks to get your first batch of beer, cider or wine ready for sampling, but the savings of brewing your own booze will quickly add up over the year.

You can get creative with your brewing projects, too. Cracking open a fresh barrel of kiwi and banana wine is guaranteed to be a popular gimmick for house parties, even if the concoction itself isn’t quite guaranteed to be delicious…


Liam is a guest writer from Suppose.com, a deal discovery site dedicated to making money go further for its users.

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