5 Unusual Ways to Earn Money as a Student

Most peoples first thought for earning money is to get a part time job and many students do. But if you would prefer to use that valuable time studying for the best possible grade or partying with friends, there are other ways you can earn money. While some of these money making ideas may not make you loads of money, they will still contribute to those financial worries and help you sleep properly at night.

As you are at University, you will be living in a large town or city so there is no excuse for lack of opportunities. There are plenty of methods you can utilise as a student to earn some extra cash.


If you like kids this is a great little money maker. You may not earn loads but it can certainly give you some extra spending money. Put an ad up in children’s clothes shops, the post office, and schools; wherever parents are likely to see it, highlighting your skills and how you love working with kids. You may even get some regulars which could help you out year round. Also consider house sitting or looking after pets.


Assist the Elderly

This can involve doing simply tasks for them that they may have difficulty doing themselves; such as helping with their weekly shop, walking their dog, doing the gardening/ cleaning/cooking or simply popping in for a chat. Knowing you are helping others will also be a rewarding feeling for you.

Sell Your Stuff

Got any old junk lying around? By selling it off you could earn money while de-cluttering, maybe then you’ll be able to see your bedroom floor. Get rid of those old textbooks by selling them on to Amazon or any old DVDs, CDs, clothes, old mobiles etc., can be sold online too. There are many different sites that give out cash for your stuff such as Music Magpie and Gumtree.

Teach a Foreign Language

Are you an international student or happen to speak another language? Why not try teaching that language to others whether students or other people out in the community. You could tutor children studying languages at school. This will also look great on your CV.


Participate in a Clinical Trial

If you fancy getting paid for doing nothing, consider doing a paid clinical trial. Big pharmaceutical companies are always looking for volunteers to participate in their many drug trials. All you have to do is take the required medication, while being monitored in a state of the art hospital ward. Many people do medical trials so there are other people on site to make friends with and entertainment facilities in the ward to keep you happy.

Most pharmaceutical companies, like GSK pay up to £2000 for two weeks and you are able to do 3 or 4 clinical trials a year. You have a choice in which drug trial you participate in and not all require you to stay overnight. This is a great money earner, more so than any of the previous methods. It is perfectly safe as all clinical trials undergo testing beforehand and fully trained health care professionals are always on hand.

Contributed by Megan Cherry, who writes about personal finances and ways to make money. She is currently looking at volunteering for medical trials as a means to do this.

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