All Hail (Stone) the Spring Sales!

The weather may suck, but the spring sales are still going ahead! Grab yourself some bargains at a broad selection of shops, both online and in-store.


While most clothes companies will have sales on, it’s always good to know what to look out for and when. Here are a few examples of spring sales for you to keep track of:

  • Gym Prices:

While they rocket in January to help people get rid of the holiday season pounds, they drop significantly at this time of the year. University gyms will also now be offering cheap prices for their term 3 memberships, which often run from now until the end of the summer holidays.

  • Winter Clothing:

Coats, cosy pyjamas, boots, hats, scarves, gloves, to name but a few, all plummet in price, ready for the warmer weather. Stock up on next winter’s garments at a fraction of the cost. (Or, with the current awful weather, wear them right away!)

  • DIY Products and Home Furnishings:

This season is well known for spring-cleaning. It’s a fresh start, so make the most of the slashed prices to purchase lovely pieces for your new home and handy tools for decorating, if your landlord will allow it. It can really help you to concentrate while studying and to have a good night’s sleep if your bedroom is clutter-free and homely. Plus, more often than not, if you’re making an improvement to your student home, your landlord should be keen to say yes as you’re doing them a favour too. Just make sure you get their approval before you make any changes first.

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