Alternative Student Nights Out in Glasgow

You are fortunate enough to study in the beautiful Victorian city of Glasgow. Haggis, bagpipes, peculiar vocabulary and enough extensively promoted, common, loud, sticky nightclubs for you to waste away your student loan in a different venue every night of the week. Having said this, sometimes a ridiculously over-priced and noisy club is just not the ideal location for a night out. They can be expensive, not the ideal destination for a catch up, too busy and can cater to a very select music taste. Besides, who wants to do the same thing over and over? You’ve come to Glasgow to explore, so let’s broaden your horizons shall we?


There is so much in this wonderful city to see and do that does not involve the latest song Flo-Rida has tragically massacred and gallons of Vodka Redbull. Glasgow is a city where you can go out and have an amazing time in a variety of different locations all with different and individual atmospheres providing that warm ‘night out’ buzz without necessarily providing that ‘run over by a lorry’ feeling the next day.

So here you have it, a carefully selected selection of suggestions for an alternative night out in Glasgow. Explore and enjoy!

Comedy Club

Laughing = good. Friends = good. Laughing with friends for a good price = great! I for one don’t know many human beings who don’t enjoy fun. Head on down to one of Glasgow’s top comedy clubs either Jongleurs or The Stand for a fun filled evening and a chance to see some of Glasgow’s up and coming comedians with your mates. Frankie Boyle debuts all his new material at The Stand and because it’s set in the gorgeous West End of Glasgow it’s a prime location for a cheeky wee night out! If you head down on a Tuesday you can get in for £2 – a great night out for £2? Don’t mind if I do! Besides, if the comedy is bad sometimes that makes for an even better night – there’s nothing quite like an awkward giggle with your nearest and dearest.

Out For Drinks

Now come on ladies and gents, we’re sophisticated now. We are studying for degrees and such, we don’t drink cheap bottles of wine and cider (erm) and act like drunken idiots (erm) when we go out. We’re looking for a sophisticated evening aren’t we? How about a cocktail night? Fruity, delicious and a little bit naughty, going out for cocktails is the perfect location for a girly catch up or a date, and lads don’t be kidding yourselves, we all know you enjoy a Strawberry Daiquiri as much as the rest of us! You don’t even need to go for a cocktail but enjoy a nice drink in some of these beautiful bars for a slightly less wild evening. Take a look at the following suggested cocktail bars:

Art Galleries

So a night at an art gallery sounds like a something boring for old people but you actually couldn’t be more wrong, especially in Glasgow. Glasgow has a thriving art culture with an enormous variety of art galleries and museums to display it’s cultural wealth; a list of these galleries can be found here. An evening at an art gallery, particularly an opening, can have lots of free booze, provide a perfect meeting and mingling point, a new experience, and finally a chance to view some amazing artwork and meet some of Glasgow’s most interesting, eccentric and individual citizens. Did I mention there’s always free booze?

Art Gallery

I would particularly recommend Glasgow’s Center for Contemporary Arts. The CCA is in a prime location on Sauchiehall Street which makes it a great starting point for an evening, it has an outstanding restaurant and bar which features loads of cool nights on different days of the week and offers a cultured alternative to a club night. Grab your mates and head down to check it out; it really won’t disappoint!

Pub Quiz 

And last, but most certainly not least, is the champion of all alternative nights out. A chance to enhance your knowledge, test your brain, challenge your peers and get mighty drunk at the same time. The legacy that is: the pub quiz. Such a good idea for a night out! I for one love nothing more than a pub quiz. The competition for who can come up with the most absurdly childish yet still quite witty team name and that amazing feeling of satisfaction when placing in the top 6 yet guessing the majority of your answers. Such a good and cheap night out which should most certainly become a tradition. Check out this amazing website which details every single pub quiz in Scotland! Why not be a serial pub quiz goer? You might start to get really, really good!

And these are just some of the magnificent nights out you can have in the Scottish Capitol. Stay tuned for more blogs about how to win at being a student in Glasgow: offers, deals, what’s hot and what’s not and just let us generally make life a bit easier for you.

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