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Alternative Student Nights out in Nottingham – Comedy

Most students in Nottingham consider the only way to have a good time is to put on their best outfit and hit the town for a night on the town, careering round the pubs and clubs. While it can be a cathartic release from a day spent staring at books in Boots library, there are other options.

For instance, if you ever fancy a change from the same old Saturday nights spent bouncing along to over produced pop in Ocean, why not chill out and have a laugh with your mates instead.

There’s nothing like live comedy – it offers an intimacy that you just don’t get from watching it on TV. In short, it’s a great alternative way to spend an evening.

Here’s an overview of what Nottingham has to offer:

The Glee Club

Every Friday and Saturday the Glee Club offers a set of four comedians for the miniscule price of £4 for students. For this, you get to be entertained by some of the nation’s finest up and coming comedians. It’ll take up the whole evening and, if you’re feeling peckish, you can get comedy and a meal for only £9.95. All while the adults are paying the full price of £11. They also host big names too, so you’ll get the chance to be metres away from the people that make you laugh on TV.


Much like the Glee Club, Jongleurs offer a four comedian ensemble every Friday and Saturday in a two hour show. It’ll cost you £12 for the full package, which includes a meal and a drink – when you think about how much you’d spend on an average night, this is a really affordable option for students. The other difference to the usual boozing affair is that you’ll be able to remember it all the next day.

Just the Tonic

They host weekly Saturday night comedy, as standard but again play host to some more famous faces. NUS prices start from around £6 and rarely rise above the £10 mark – for this you can see people like Johnny Vegas (February 10). That’s a serious deal. Other notable acts hitting the stage there soon are Tony Law (March 22) and Gary Delaney (June 14). I doubt you’d get to see that kind of quality for under a tenner anywhere else.

The Playhouse

With its theatrical setting, the Playhouse is a slightly larger venue than the others I’ve mentioned here and the calibre of the acts reflects that. The comedy is more sporadic than the specific comedy clubs as the venue hosts a number of plays (well, it is called the Playhouse). Still it’s not extortionate – Any Parsons, of Mock the Week fame, is playing there March 16 for only £15. While it’s a bigger venue, it still has a feeling of intimacy that means you’re never safe from ridicule by comedians. But that’s half the appeal of comedy – audience interaction.

So, as you can see, Nottingham is a great city for comedy. There’s an abundance of choice, all within the student budget. You may be reluctant to try it as you’ve never been to a comedy club before but that’s what university is all about – trying new things. It’s also a great alternative venue for couples or daters who feel the cinema is too clichéd.

Go on, give it a go – I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Jenny Marsh

Jenny Marsh

Marketing student in my 2nd year. I enjoy traveling, cooking and cycling in my spare time
Jenny Marsh

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Jenny Marsh
Marketing student in my 2nd year. I enjoy traveling, cooking and cycling in my spare time