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Student Banking – The Overdraft Guide

As a student, it’s likely it is the first time in your life you will have large sums of money at your disposal. It’s important, then, that you keep it in a safe place – namely a bank. With so many different student accounts out there, it can be hard to choose and people often…

Smart Banking for Students

When people talk about student banking they tend to just focus on one thing: that all-important zero percent interest overdraft. But there’s a whole range of banking options that students can take advantage of and make money from. Here are some of our top tips for clever student banking:

Student Bank Accounts

Most of the major high street banks offer a student account with varying advantages and rates. The following article illustrates what overdrafts are available and other benefits on offer. The Cooperative Bank: Student Current Account Website: The Cooperative Bank offers a £1400 guaranteed 0% interest overdraft in the first year, followed by a guaranteed…

Student Credit Cards

Finances can be tight whilst you are studying at University.  A temporary solution can come in the form of a credit card. Check out the following article for information on some of the major banks student credit cards including rates, conditions and feedback from other students. NatWest NatWest offer a student only credit card, with…