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Students: Where your Money Goes

Hello money saving students, have a look at the fantastic infographic that has been supplied by YourCash that breaks down the average expenditure of students in all regions of the UK: An infographic breaking down UK Student Expenditure by YourCash.

Quick Tip: TV Licence Alternatives

A TV licence cost £145.50. It can be argued that decent programmes are becoming a bit of a rarity in the UK. So, it seems a bit ludicrous to shell out that amount of cash. Even, if you watch quite a bit of TV, chances are you’re not in all the time to watch your…

Home and Contents Insurance for Students

It is very difficult to compare any kind of insurance due to the huge variety of insurance options available; the true comparison company to company varies for each individual and their requirements and I would advise any student to investigate a few companies to ensure getting the best deal – the reviews below are ranked…

25 Money Saving Tips for Students

Starting University can be a daunting thought and filled with financial issues. The following 25 tips can take the edge off any struggles you may have with money; take a look and see if there are any ways you can save precious pounds!  1)  Don’t go it alone.  If you try and have a completely…