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Smart Banking for Students

When people talk about student banking they tend to just focus on one thing: that all-important zero percent interest overdraft. But there’s a whole range of banking options that students can take advantage of and make money from. Here are some of our top tips for clever student banking:

Quick Tip: NUS Cards Help Save a Packet!

Student Money Saving

NUS Extra cards cost just £12 for a whole year, and can save you tones at loads of different places. Discounts vary between companies, but are usually around 10-20%, with some being as high as 50%! This has become particularly useful now that many companies are no longer accepting normal uni cards to get discount….

Student Discount Cards

Any savings and discounts help stretch your finances so why not take advantage of the numerous student discount cards that are available? The following article lists those that are available, the discounts that they offer and some feedback from students who have used them. NUS Extra The NUS Extra card gives students of University age…

Student Credit Cards

Finances can be tight whilst you are studying at University.  A temporary solution can come in the form of a credit card. Check out the following article for information on some of the major banks student credit cards including rates, conditions and feedback from other students. NatWest NatWest offer a student only credit card, with…