Glasgow: Student Deals and Discounts Round-up

Summer is upon us so why not treat yourself and sink your teeth into one of these absolute bargains?


The Dutchy Pot at The 78 Cafe Bar

The Dutchy Pot serves an entire three course meal for under a tenner every Thursday night. You can sit down from 5pm and the bar has a really lively nightlife, so you can have a cheeky little boogie once your dinner’s gone down!

The 78 Cafe Bar, 10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street, 5pm-1am. £2-£9

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Glasgow: Student Restaurant Deals

Though there are loads of websites with money saving vouchers out in the digital universe, it can be a right pain in the backside trying to go and find them. Or if you’re lazy like me, you just can’t be bothered. The sun is sort of a little bit kind of out in Glasgow at the moment, so you’re probably fancying a little outing to celebrate what will probably be the only sort of Summer we get. So here are some links to great vouchers which are out at the moment for you to get some discounted dinner. Thank me later!

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Student Sports Tickets in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city of many things: rain, cold, beautiful Victorian architecture, haggis, Scottish people and a fierce football rivalry which lies at the heart of most Glaswegians. However, football is not the only sport at large in Glasgow. There are many different teams in and around Glasgow who offer a variety of student deals for tickets to live games. Here’s a list of the teams in Glasgow which offer special student priced tickets, so get yourself down for some live sporting action!

Glasgow Rocks

Glasgow Rocks Pro Basketball

Stereotypically basketball is an American-dominated sport, however, Scotland have got a great team which offer fantastic student prices. The Glasgow Rocks are Scotland’s only professional basketball team. They’ve had a silverware drought lasting seven years, but hopefully with a bit of support Glasgow Rocks can pull it out of the bag. This is a great opportunity to watch a different sport live, a cheap night out for your mates and something fun and interesting to do. Who knows, your support might just be what the Glasgow Rocks need to turn their luck around? With a cheesy motto ‘We Will Rock You’, a packed crowd and a great atmosphere Glasgow Rocks games are a guaranteed great night.

Student tickets: £8 online/£9 at box office

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Three Unhealthy Must Do’s: Glasgow Students

So you’ve come to Glasgow to study, and what a fantastic choice that was! The gorgeous Victorian city is the perfect place to be a student with unlimited pubs, clubs and restaurants to keep you entertained for your period of study. The only way to properly be a student is to immerse yourself in the local culture, get out there and really see what Glasgow’s actually about. I feel like I should clarify here that a kilt is not necessary. These blogs have showed you where to eat, where to shop and different things to do in the city, but never how to get up close and personal with Glaswegian culture so here are three things you just have to do before you leave Glasgow. Be bold, be brave and be a proper Glaswegian!

Number One: The Sub Crawl

Partick Tavern

Glasgow’s answer to pub golf, the sub crawl is a really straightforward concept. Glasgow has a fantastic subway system which takes you round the city really quickly, sort of like the tube in London. To participate in a sub crawl, you must buy a ticket for Glasgow’s 15-stop circular subway, get off at every stop and go to the nearest pub for a drink. If you think of pub golf, each subway stop is a ‘hole’. This is sightseeing at it’s very finest. A typical subcrawl involves lots of singing, crazy amounts of laughter and never quite making it to the end. What a great way to get to know your way round the city…though you probably won’t remember it in the morning! Here is the typical sub-crawl route for you, print this off and have the best night of your life guaranteed!
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Glasgow: Student Alternative Shopping

Shopping is an essential tool of procrastination for every student. Besides food and alcohol, it is the one thing that unites us all. Everyone loves to spend money they don’t have, and if you have the money then please stop showing off and spare a minute for those of us dancing the tango de poverty. In a day and age where everyone is so desperate to look the same, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to defy the army of sheep and be unique. By George! I think I’ve got it! Let’s try an alternative to the high street. I propose we start having a look in boutiques, one of a kind shops and even charity shops. Cheaper prices, different styles and guaranteed clothes that will be different to anyone else. For students coming to Glasgow, won’t it be nice to go home with items of clothing no one else can buy? Show off your individuality and embrace Glasgow’s own shopping culture all at the same time. Here are some of the best:

Doll Boutique, Park Road



What started as a small boutique in Glasgow grew to be a pretty impressive venture for Doll Boutique who now even have their own clothing range! Their range is unique and quirky, with a mixture of some high street and individual brands. The ‘lookbook’ feature on their website is really cool with some great ideas for how to style your pieces. Well worth a look for inspiration! It’s well priced too.
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