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When starting University a Laptop or PC is an essential piece of kit.  Take a look at our guide stating which retailers provide discounts and some feedback from fellow students.

PC World


PC World offer deals directly from their website and it is worth looking at these deals that may overshadow student deals. Laptop and netbook prices have been slashed.

Computers on sale range from Vaio to Compaq. For example:

Sony Vaio (Memory 4GB, Hard Drive, 500GB) Overall cost, £499

For a student who does not wish to compromise on style, they can make a saving of £300.99 by purchasing a Sony Vaio EH White 15.5″ Laptop memory for £499. This deal comes with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 640bit.

HP Pavillion g6 (Memory 4GB, Hard Drive 500GB) Overall cost, £349.00

This laptop has the same perks as the Vaio featured above however, the overall cost is slightly cheaper at £349.00. The offer on this laptop is exceptional considering the original price was £619.99.

Compaq Presario (Memory 4GB, Hard Drive 500GB) Overall cost, £299.99

This Compaq Presario 15.6″ Laptop is one of the cheapest on offer. It offers the same specification as other laptops however, it is more affordable for students looking for a good deal.

These are just a selection of the array of laptops on sale. The vast spectrum of laptops will be sure to tempt students who want to find a bargain.

Other Benefits:

The laptops are available for home delivery or collection in store. There is also the 3 years ‘Whatever Happens’ support from £169.00, which is a comprehensive after-care service.

Student Feedback:

Ellie, 1st Year Student, Sheffield: “I wanted to buy a Sony Vaio because my parents had one and advised me to buy a machine that would  last. The deal I used saved me almost £300 and it was very easy to buy because I didn’t have to worry about presenting student ID or a promotion code.”




The Dell Student Computing Initiative (SCI) offers a wide range of discounts to students, prospective students and staff at enrolled Universities and colleges. The scheme is available to students in the UK, Ireland and other European countries. Whilst the student discount was not evident on the main Dell homepage, it is easy to access once you have found the page. The discounts work depending on the price of the machine, for example on a machine worth up to £599 you will receive a 2% discount, a 5% discount on a product worth £600-£1119 and you will obtain an 8% discount if the product is £1200 or above.  The scheme is called EPP, Employee purchase programme and is available on all Inspiron PC and laptops, software and accessories (the discount excludes VAT and delivery).

When using a college or University internet connection you should find that the final sum is altered, as it will recognise you are eligible for a discount.  If this process does not happen enter STUDENT into the field ‘Company Name’ and your University/College name to qualify for the discount.

Dell offers a wide range of computers and laptops, the powerful and thin compact XP5 142 to the new Inspiron 23” All in one desktop. The Dell SCI website is easy to navigate but it was not as clear as the Apple website and took longer to find originally. However, the range of products means that many students will be able to purchase a laptop or desktop that fit their requirements and that is affordable in their budget.

Other benefits:

On certain products such as the Inspiron 23” All in One, you can customise your machine and still take full advantage of student discounts.

Student Feedback:

Peter, Exeter “I bought a Dell last year before Uni and I didn’t know about the student discount until my friend told me to look up the scheme. It saved me money and it was an easy process.”




Apple student discount page was instantly easy to find. Apple advertise online but their stores often highlight deals and discounts available to students.

To qualify for discounts you must be at University, or another Higher education establishment. There are also discounts for school or educational establishments.  The webpage is simple to move around and within seconds you can browse student prices. In order to purchase the apple product you wish, you must either be logged onto the University/college server or you can phone up and send a copy of your student card.

Whilst the laptops and desktops might be viewed as expensive, many students choose to use an Apple machine. Discounts vary depending on the product in question. For example, a 13 inch MacBook Pro either 2.4GHZ or 2.8GHz would normally cost between £999-1,299 however, with the student discount it is available for £859.20-£1,117.20. (Price is dependent on the specification of the machine)

Similarly a Mac desktop, (known as the iMac) would normally start at £999 however, with the discount, students may purchase one starting from £870.60.

Other benefits: Apple offer student discounts on most of their products and software.

Apple is the easiest to use and find of any computer or laptop retailer.




Acer help students to pick the ‘perfect student laptop’ and by using the link above you will be directed to a page specifying ideal laptops for students. There are wide ranges of computers for every individual, ranging from top sellers to entertainment laptops.

Whilst the website itself was easy to use and highlighted why students should buy an acer laptop, all the laptops were out of stock.

The webpage is useful and easy to navigate, however, it is not clear what laptops student deals are available on, simply the ones listed below. These laptops are:

Top sellers

Acer Aspire Timeline 3410T, £299.97

Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T, £399.97

Acer Aspire Timeline 5810TG, £449.97

Entertainment laptops

Acer Aspire 5739G, £519.97

Acer Aspire 5741 Core I3, £499.99

Acer Aspire 5741G Core I3 £589.26

Other benefits:

There are also accessories for students to purchase from acer direct, for example, bags, mice, hard drives and software.

Student Feedback:

Matt, Sheffield “The computer I bought from acer was basic but after my first term at University, it has been extremely useful and the discount helped me before moving away from home.”

Rachael, 1st Year, Bristol “I bought an Acer Aspire 5741 before coming to University. I was slightly confused about the student deal Acer offered but when I went into the shop they helped me choose the make and model that was right for me, whilst keeping it at an affordable cost.”


*Prices are correct at the time of publishing this blog entry

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