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Eating Out In Glasgow: When Your Loan Comes In!

If there is a common denominator with students then, let’s be honest, it’s . Grub, scran, munch, procrastination , hangover , brain , drunk at 3am kinda ; all every day necessities in the life of a student. In fact, isn’t there a famous quote that goes “university is nothing more than a series of events between meals and naps”? Okay so I might have just made that up right there and university is clearly a lot more than that, but I think we can all agree that we love our . The good news folks is that Glasgow hears our cries and delivers; there are more restaurants, cafes and bars in Glasgow than you could ever possibly need. The only problem is the choice! So to the rescue once again, I’ve drawn up a list of great places to indulge in some good old grub when your loan comes in, meaning they’re touching the high end of the budget. Also a good idea if you fancy a treat or your parents come to visit and are paying, but it is probably a tad expensive for every day dining. Indulge and enjoy!



Hummingbird is the place to be if you fancy a more sophisticated evening. It’s quirky and chic atmosphere provide the perfect environment for a nice catch up and did I mention their burgers are amazing? An extensive variety of home-made burgers with a large selection of sides and a pretty impressive cocktail menu make Hummingbird an amazing evening out. They also regularly have BOGOF on all burgers, so it could well be a cheaper night out than anticipated! Hummingbird is definitely the place to go and treat yourself.

TGI Fridays

The perfect location for your good old fashioned American food. Ribs, burgers and fried chicken – the menu is extensive with a vast majority of different meals to offer from.  Though the food itself isn’t ridiculously overpriced, it would be a shame to go to TGI Fridays and not indulge in one of their many fishbowl cocktails! The menu has something for everyone, the atmosphere is lively and exciting and it’s the ideal destination to begin your evening before heading out somewhere else to have a cheeky little dance.


Chukoku is one of Glasgow’s many all you can eat Chinese buffets, and most probably the finest. With an enormous selection on the buffet including many dishes you can specifically order, this is the ideal place to go with a group of mates to have a long catch up and eat plate after plate full of good food. The buffet is much more extensive in the evening than at lunch time, so naturally you pay more then. Many people begrudge the buffet price but, let’s be honest, where else would you get that amount of food for that price? Great service, great food and unlimited ice cream for dessert – what more could you possibly want?

Viva Brazil

Viva Brazil is not for the faint-hearted or for those of small appetites. A unique style of restaurant with a different take on a buffet. Basically, waiters will walk around serving you a variety of up to 15 kinds of beef, pork and chicken and you can help yourself to salad from the salad bar which also has 8 other hot Brazilian dishes. You have little cards on your table, green means you’d like the waiters to keep bringing a variety of meats and red means either you’re finished or you’re ready to take a break. There is a very real risk of eating yourself into a food coma here as with different steaks and various chicken floating around on offer it is extremely difficult to say no. A pricey, but well worth it, eating extravaganza.

Hillhead Book Club

Similar to Hummingbird, except located in the gorgeous West End of Glasgow, Hillhead Book Club is a serious contender for best burger in Glasgow. Their style is witty and different and they promise no meal will ever cost more than a tenner (the problem is the place is so amazing, a few drinks later and you’ve spent a lot more than you planned to!) With a range of hearty comfort foods and their signature dish the ‘book club burger’ this place is guaranteed to impress.



Everyone loves noodles. Ichiban is a chain of Japanese restaurants/noodle bars. Sort of healthy, ridiculously tasty. Sushi seems to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment, so swap your chicken nuggets for some fish and noodles and head down to Ichiban for some fresh, different food.

Coias Café

An Italian café with a difference. There’s a huge takeaway option and even a massive range of your traditional chippy dishes! However, the actual restaurant part of Coias is delightful. Pasta, pizza and risotto to die for and really hefty portions. The takeaway café allows you to take many of these delightful dishes home too! Perfect.

Mother India

Often referred to as ‘the best Indian food in Scotland’, Mother India’s reputation is flawless. If you’re studying in Glasgow it would be a crime for you not to visit at least once. Gourmet, fine cuisine with an Indian flair and Winner of the Scottish Restaurant of The Year Award in 2010, it’s reputation speaks for itself.

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