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Students: Where your Money Goes

Hello money saving students, have a look at the fantastic infographic that has been supplied by YourCash that breaks down the average expenditure of students in all regions of the UK: An infographic breaking down UK Student Expenditure by YourCash.

Are UK Universities Worth it Anymore?

We all know the score: University fees have reached an all-time high of £9,000 a year, and we all know that unless we get an absolutely amazing high-powered job earning us millions; we’ll be stuck in debt for the rest of our lives. Yet we all kind of feel that we have to go, because…

Quick Tip: TV Licence Alternatives

A TV licence cost £145.50. It can be argued that decent programmes are becoming a bit of a rarity in the UK. So, it seems a bit ludicrous to shell out that amount of cash. Even, if you watch quite a bit of TV, chances are you’re not in all the time to watch your…

Is Being a Student at University Value for Money?

Tuition fees trebled to £9,000 a year last September which has put a lot of people off university. Compared to 2010, the number of working class boys on higher education case fell in 2012 by 1.4 per cent; working class girls’ places actually rose 0.9 per cent according to the Independent Commission on Fees. To…