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Glasgow Students: Socially Acceptable Tourist Destinations


You are attending University in the beautiful Victorian city of Glasgow. With authentic sandstone buildings, a style mile for all your needs, hundreds of gorgeous parks and amazing restaurants and a world famous, vibrant music culture, Glasgow is the perfect city in which to be a student. With everything on your doorstep the world really is your oyster, but I’m willing to bet the majority of the students living in Glasgow have no idea of its wealth of history, don’t bother getting out there and seeing the sights and are uneducated in their city’s extensive culture. My advice to you?  Be a tourist. No, I don’t mean wear a mac-in-a-bag, get an oversized camera and take pictures of yourself with absolutely everything. No one ever said tourist wasn’t cool, I mean, get in amongst it and see what your city really has to offer. Do all the touristy stuff and find places of Glasgow which before you’d never have even thought about, it will heighten your uni experience no end and will also provide you with lots of nice places to take your family and friends to visit. Here are a few fun suggestions of touristy stuff to do in Glasgow.

Sightseeing Bus

You may laugh at this, but before you stop reading this blog just hear me out, ok? This is without a doubt the best way to see the city. It takes you to all the best spots in Glasgow, you can hop on and off as you please, you can opt to have a cute wee tour guide in your ear telling you all about the history of Glasgow. You can book student tickets for £8 online which is an absolute steal for a cracking day out. Make the experience as long as you like by getting on and off and having a chill out in different areas. This is a really great way to see the city in another light and understand the wealth of history it actually has. Highly recommended!

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery

Located in the beautiful West End of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum sits elegantly in the gorgeous Kelvingrove Park. The perfect destination for a whole day out, this option is perhaps best reserved for a nice day. Pop down to your local supermarket, rustle up a picnic and head on down with your friends. Kelvingrove Park is lovely and the museum is home to some beautiful art and really fascinating history. The best bit about the museum is there is an app you can download to your phone which has a virtual tour guide on it, so you can enjoy the day at your own pace with all the information available, quite literally, at your fingertips.

Trongate Gallery

Trongate Gallery sits smack bang in the middle of Glasgow. This cool, slightly urban gallery is the perfect way to spend the day, with all the shops and restaurants on your doorstep to complete your day out. With a variety of ever-changing galleries, loads of different classes for you to exercise your own artistic flair and a café with a fantastic reputation the trongate is a gallery with flair and most definitely a worthy destination for a day out.

Riverside Museum of Transport and

The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel is an absolute must see. With some really stand out, cool exhibitions detailing the history of transport and travel it’s a chance to ogle some seriously sexy vintage cars and learn something too (fancy that!) There’s a chance for you to get in some old vehicles, travel on a few trams through some specially made historical village scenes and also see some of the most advanced transport and travel around the world today. The Riverside Trail, located outside the museum, also takes you on a lovely walk around Riverside and points you out some of the gorgeous sights which Glasgow has to offer outside the museum. One of my favourite touristy attractions in Glasgow and a definite must visit!

Botanic Gardens and Kibble Palace

Kibble Palace

Another one perhaps better saved for a sunny day, the Botanic Gardens is an absolutely beautiful destination. Like Kelvingrove Park, it’s located in the West End of Glasgow, but the Botanic Gardens is always busy in the sunshine and has a rich history which can be read online or on various plaques across the park. Kibble Palace is a gorgeous glass building filled with some really stunning plants and flowers which adds to the almost romantic atmosphere of the park. Take a Frisbee, take a football and spend the day in an absolutely beautiful place on a sunny day. A free way to enjoy some of what Glasgow really has to offer.

These are just a few suggestions but there really is so much out there to see and do. Get on Google, or just get out there and have a walk around and see what’s out there. Like I said in the intro, the world really is your oyster so go out and explore. Plus, these are some really great places to show your family and friends when they come to visit rather than a tour of pubs and McDonalds we know you’ve really been on! Enjoy touristing it up guys!

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