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Nottingham Students – Alternative Ways to Spend your Evenings

It’s inevitable that much of your time as a student is free time, especially in the evenings. However, instead of wasting that time, you could be learning a new skill and widening your horizons. Nottingham is a great place to live as a student – the opportunities are endless, it just depends on your tastes. Here are some of the clubs that run special for students in the city.

Ice Hockey

Ice HockeyNottingham has two teams – the hugely successful Panthers (who won all 3 trophies in the EIHL this season) and the entertaining Lions (who won the NIHL last month). The sport is not as popular here as it is across the Atlantic Ocean but it has all the ingredients English fans admire – physicality, flair and atmosphere. There is usually at least one fight per game which always delights the audience, and plenty of goals to boot – games can change in a matter of minutes, so there is never a dull moment. The Panthers and Lions both play at the NIC arena at the weekends and it’s a much cheaper option than football. Tickets for home games cost £13 and £2.50 for students respectively.

Links: Panthers or Lions


Boxing RingInstead of wasting away in front of the TV all night why not get up and get fit, as well as learning how to defend yourself. Boxing is perhaps the best sport for all round fitness – it builds speed, agility, endurance and, crucially, mental toughness. Nottingham has quite a few clubs available but the pick of the bunch is the Jawaid Khaliq Academy. Run by MBE Jawaid, a former world champion, and his brother Kamran, you are learning from the best for an unbelievably low price. Sessions are £4.50 each or £10/£32 for a week/month’s unlimited access. That’s as much as a gym membership would cost but these guys will push you harder than any personal trainer, so you get your money’s worth.



Do your bit for the community and give up some of your time to help others. It may not appear all that glamorous or ‘cool’ but volunteering is a great way to meet people and have a positive impact both on yourself and others. Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service specialize in finding opportunities for you , as do the council. It’s not boring stuff like cleaning up litter either. Currently, they are looking for instructors and coaches for Brazilian Soccer Schools, Marie Curie helpers, Stonebridge City Farm assistants and drivers for social care services. It may not pay immediately but it could open doors for you down the line as you never know what kind of influential people you might meet.

Hopefully that has inspired you to think about being a bit more productive with your evenings – if none of these things catch your eye, there are plenty of other things to do – just use your imagination and get on Google.


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