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Good morning Glasgow! I’ve just looked out the window and for once in bonny wee Scotland it appears not to be raining – so good morning it is indeed! I am here to make your day even better by telling you I’ll be uploading a nice little blog for you once a week with various ways on how to save your money as a student in Glasgow city. Coming at you every week will be the cheapest deals for food, drinks and fun around Scotland’s capitol with a few cheeky hints and tips to save your dosh along the way! Sound good? Of course it does!


Because this is my first blog for Glasgow deals, I thought I’d initially set up the foundation and do the groundwork. This blog will therefore contain a nifty collection of websites which specifically feature Glasgow based deals. These should be your standard, go-to websites. I am a seasoned student and I know that at least 60% of your time is spent aimlessly browsing the internet, sohy not take 10 minutes out of your day to have a little scout around these sites and check if there are any deals which suit you?


The first website I would without a doubt recommend to you is 5pm. A Scotland based deals site, 5pm contains all the food, beauty and hair deals you will ever need. Without a doubt the best feature 5pm has to offer is the ability to tailor your food deal searches. You can select how many people will be eating and what day and it will provide you with a nice list of all the deals on that match your specific requirements. What could possibly be easier than that? This is absolutely ideal if you and your pals are fed up of revising or to use the technical term – procrastinating, cheer yourselves up with a little dinner out for a discounted price! Ladies, there are some great manicure and spa day vouchers on there – the perfect way to relax after a big exam! Also Dorothy Perkins have 20% off dresses, shoes and knitwear for a limited time so head over to – it’s be rude not to for that price!

Living Social

Living Social, un-ironically, is a website which specifies in a number of deals on social activities. From weekends away to deals on driving lessons, yoga lesson packages, living social has it all – on offer. Perfect for students is the current KFC breakfast deal – 5 KFC breakfasts for £7, if there is one way to motivate you to get to your lectures it’s bound to be a stupidly unhealthy breakfast courtesy of Colonel Sanders, especially for £10 off the original price!

Glasgow’s Great Deal

Today’s great deal the Glasgow edition updates every day with a collection of the best deals in Glasgow for you. A professional cut and blow-dry for £9 in a gorgeous salon in Glasgow is featured this week which is perfect for students working with a budget. Manage to maintain your groomed locks for a cheap as chips price! Perfect. They also have some amazing highland breaks, a chance for international students to see more of Scotland in some prime locations with an abundance of activities and meals included. Why not make this your homepage and have a quick scout around the deals before you plod off to Google or StumbleUpon?

And finally, the deals that come to you…



KGB Deals

I’ve grouped these websites together because the general premise is much the same. Websites which specifically gather all the deals in your local area and e-mail them directly to you. Though this can cause an absolute Spanish armada of e-mails, it involves minimal effort and the best deals are perfectly packaged and delivered directly to your phone/laptop. Groupon is particularly great because it has an app which you can download on your phone and have a little flick through when you’re bored to see whether or not anything takes your fancy. You might think that these three websites are much the same, and though I would be completely inclined to agree, the three websites will be independently approaching companies for deals in return for customers, meaning each website will be offering different deals. If something tickles your pickle you can have a scout across all three and check if there is a similar deal for a better price elsewhere!

So there you have it, the first of many extremely informative and useful blogs written by an extremely modest young journalist (haha..). As I mentioned in the introduction, this is just to lay the foundation and give you some basic tips on how to look for various money saving deals in and around Glasgow. I’ll be getting more specific in future blog posts so stay tuned, but for now, relax, enjoy and treat yourself.

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