Three Unhealthy Must Do’s: Glasgow Students

So you’ve come to Glasgow to study, and what a fantastic choice that was! The gorgeous Victorian city is the perfect place to be a student with unlimited pubs, clubs and restaurants to keep you entertained for your period of study. The only way to properly be a student is to immerse yourself in the local culture, get out there and really see what Glasgow’s actually about. I feel like I should clarify here that a kilt is not necessary. These blogs have showed you where to eat, where to shop and different things to do in the city, but never how to get up close and personal with Glaswegian culture so here are three things you just have to do before you leave Glasgow. Be bold, be brave and be a proper Glaswegian!

Number One: The Sub Crawl

Partick Tavern

Glasgow’s answer to pub golf, the sub crawl is a really straightforward concept. Glasgow has a fantastic subway system which takes you round the city really quickly, sort of like the tube in London. To participate in a sub crawl, you must buy a ticket for Glasgow’s 15-stop circular subway, get off at every stop and go to the nearest pub for a drink. If you think of pub golf, each subway stop is a ‘hole’. This is sightseeing at it’s very finest. A typical subcrawl involves lots of singing, crazy amounts of laughter and never quite making it to the end. What a great way to get to know your way round the city…though you probably won’t remember it in the morning! Here is the typical sub-crawl route for you, print this off and have the best night of your life guaranteed!

  • 1. Kelvinbridge – The Primary
  • 2. Hillhead – Curlers
  • 3. Kelvinhall – The Dolphin/The Partick Tavern
  • 4. Partick – Hayburn Vaults
  • 5. Govan – Brechin Bar
  • 6. Ibrox – The Stadium Bar
  • 7. Cessnock – The Kensington Bar
  • 8. Kinning Park – The Doctors/The Grapes
  • 9. Shields Road – The Honours Three
  • 10. West Street – The Lord Nelson
  • 11. Bridge Street – The Laurieston
  • 12. St Enoch – Times Square
  • 13. Buchanan Street – The Gallery
  • 14. Cowcaddens – Macintosh’s Bar
  • 15. St George’s Cross – The Captain’s Rest

Number Two: Haggis ‘Neeps and Tatties

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

I know. This is about as stereotypical as you can get, right? But seriously, you need to forget what haggis actually is (I recommend you don’t google) and get down to your local pub, get a plate of haggis neeps and tatties and tuck in. It’s essentially like mince and potatoes, but probably a little bit nicer. If you can divorce yourself from the knowledge of what you’re eating then haggis actually ain’t half bad. Plus, it makes a great story! Most pubs will have this on their menu , and once you’ve developed a taste for it there are infinite haggis recipes out there in Scottish restaurants you can try. Why not have your own version of a Burns supper? Scottish dancing, haggis, neeps and tatties and a lot of beer. You just can’t come to Scotland without having haggis, you really can’t.

Number Three: Deep Fried Mars Bar

Chocolate Bar

The myths are true, ladies and gentlemen. In Scotland they absolute love batter. Think of all the unhealthy food you get in your local chippy and then cover it in even more batter, then you get the Scottish equivalent. They even have such a thing as ‘pizza crunch’, which is half a pizza, deep fried in batter. A heart attack in a box, yet surprisingly delicious! Before I moved to Scotland I was told they eat deep fried mars bars and I thought that this surely can’t be true, but in small chip shops in the centre of town they actually sell deep fried mars bars. Though this is probably quadruple your daily recommended amount of calories, and about as filling as all your meals for the day, you absolutely have to try one, because it’s guaranteed that when you head home someone will ask. Besides, what could possibly be a better meal when you’re drunk than calories wrapped in lard and potential heart disease? Sounds like the perfect solution to me! I’d go easy on these though because I can’t guarantee that more than one may not kill you, but with one you’ll be golden.

And there you have it folks! Three Glaswegian ‘must-do’s. Get out there and get yer’ Scotland on pal! Student Money Saving is not responsible for any potential health risks….


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