Tutoring: a Nice Little Earner

A great (and very rewarding) way to make money as a student is to tutor other younger students in the subject you’re studying.  Arjmand, a postgraduate student at the University of Nottingham, tutors younger students English. She says it really makes you feel involved with your university, and as though you’re giving something back.


Why is tutoring a great option? Well first of all you typically choose a time and place that suits you best. Hopefully, you already know everything there is to know for the job – you’ve already been there and studied that. And if you do get stuck with everything or want to double check that what you’re teaching is correct, you can always refer them to books, websites or university professors.

The struggling students are usually very grateful for the extra guidance you’re giving them, and often feel more comfortable asking you questions or confiding in you, compared to with their older (and sometimes scary!) course professors.  Although it can be tough at times you’ll feel a huge sense of achievement at having helped another, especially when their final grades come in. Plus, it will refresh your own memory on things you learned a long time ago. Not only have you studied that particular subject, you’ve learned the material so well that you’ve been able to pass on your knowledge to someone else.

Arjmand says;

“it’s the most rewarding feeling when I see their little smiles because they understand literacy concepts and feel as though they’re achieving more than they did in the classroom alone.”

She’s had students tell her that English is now their favourite subject after her tutoring lessons, when it used to be their worst!

Finally, it looks great on your CV, especially if you want to go into teaching or anything closely related to your course. Arjmand explains;

“students of various abilities come to me with different struggles and I enjoy inventing new teaching methods that work specifically for each child’s needs, but the best part of my job is when the parents come to show me their child’s report and tell me how proud they are and how well their child is now doing. I couldn’t think of a more rewarding career for me.”

The best time to apply for such positions is at the start of a new university year. Ask your course leader or visit your university’s website for more information.

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