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Quick Tip: TV Licence Alternatives

A TV licence cost £145.50. It can be argued that decent programmes are becoming a bit of a rarity in the UK. So, it seems a bit ludicrous to shell out that amount of cash. Even, if you watch quite a bit of TV, chances are you’re not in all the time to watch your favourite shows.

There are alternatives to suit your lifestyle though:

iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD – We’ll start with the obvious. These catch-up services are a god send. You get to pick your TV schedule, essentially. Rather than watch whatever’s on TV live just because it’s on, you can make sure every minute in front of your screen counts. The services are available on your computer and through apps (anything with an internet connection).

Netflix – There are other streaming services, like Lovefilm, but this one is the most famous. While the library of films and TV programs is not as extensive as its American counterpart, there’s still a host of classic viewing to be had. For £5.99 a month, it’s cheaper than a TV licence, or buying/renting the respective DVDs of everything you’ll watch. It’s unlimited so there’s no cap on how much you watch. Warning though, this could seriously affect your motivation to study…

Cinema unlimited cards – If TV isn’t your thing but you’re a huge film buff, one of these cards may be for you. Cineworld’s offering is £15.90/month for a 12 month contract. That comes in at £190.80, which is more than a TV licence but totally worth it if you’re a fan of movies. However, to make it worth your while, you’ll need to go at least twice a month – otherwise, it’s money down the drain.

Jenny Marsh

Jenny Marsh

Marketing student in my 2nd year. I enjoy traveling, cooking and cycling in my spare time
Jenny Marsh

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Jenny Marsh
Marketing student in my 2nd year. I enjoy traveling, cooking and cycling in my spare time