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Alternative Student Nights out in Newcastle

It’s only the start of term and your student loan has dwindled down to pennies – how does that happen?! Who knows? What we do know is that there are loads of ways to get the most out of your money on nights out in Newcastle.

Everyone knows that there are student bars and clubs up and down the city with on for students, but don’t forget to look past the usual Saturday night out drinking. There’s a lot to be said for a quiet couple in the bar with friends, or even a pub quiz: you’ll drink more responsibly, and probably spend a bit less, too. Remember, you don’t have to drink to go out. You can save a fortune sticking to water in clubs, and will still get the experience of dancing the night away with your friends. Why not give it a go!

If you’re feeling peckish, head down to Nando’s on a Monday for 20% student discount on the best chicken money can buy. Places like The Stateside Diner on Pink Lane, or The Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton offer 10% student discount as standard. Most places have Happy Hour deals on , so try to book your meal to coincide with those times to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cash.

Tyneside Cinema offers a great selection of films from both independent and big-name directors. A student ticket is only £5.80, leaving plenty of cash left over for obligatory cinema snacks. It’s in a quirky old building as well, which makes it a brilliant place to go out with friends or go on a date if you want to experience something a little bit different. If alternative film nights are really your thing, don’t forget to check out The Star and Shadow Cinema. They offer gigs and comedy as well as films, and all for cheaper than cheap prices. Bargain!

StageIf the play’s the thing, remember to look beyond Theatre Royal. There are loads of plays going on at Northern Stage, too, and their tickets are usually much cheaper. And don’t just walk past the theatre students or NUTS members handing out flyers around the city – student plays are a great way to have a theatrical night out for less. Even if the plays aren’t big name productions, there could be something that interests you. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for!

For literary events, look no further than the NCLA website. Not only do they have regular readings and talks with famous (and up-and-coming) authors, they also host courses and workshops to work on your own literary flair. Events are hosted all over Newcastle, but most take place in or around Newcastle University, and they often have reduced price (or even free!) student tickets.

Don’t forget the beauty of hosting a night in, too. If you buy own-branded products, cooking meals for friends doesn’t have to be expensive – and why not try a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style event so that everyone is pitching in? Adding in a competition can bring an extra level of fun, and you could even all chip in for a prize for the winner. Most supermarkets do own-brand alcohol as well, or have regular deals on wine and beer, so house parties can be cheaper than you imagine (especially when you’re drinking responsibly). Or grab a few friends and their DVD collections for a movie-marathon – you could even have a theme! Head down to Holland&Barrett or other health food stores to pick up popcorn kernels to pop and flavour yourself at home. You don’t even need a microwave to do it.

And remember, this advice doesn’t just apply to students in Newcastle – there are cheap student nights all over the country, or ways to get the most for your money based on your interests. Keep your eyes peeled for good deals, and don’t forget to look beyond the obvious places.

Gaby Burton

Gaby Burton

Art student, shopaholic and coffee addict. I like to spend my spare time socialising with friends and hunting down those sale bargains!
Gaby Burton

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Gaby Burton
Art student, shopaholic and coffee addict. I like to spend my spare time socialising with friends and hunting down those sale bargains!