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Student Charity Shop Bargain Hunting

You’ve all heard the song: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop feat. Wanz

Buying clothes second hand can save you loads of pennies. Plus, hunting for in charity shops can be really fun, not to mention the satisfaction you’ll get when you bag yourself a bargain!

A great tip is to shop in second hand stores located to ‘nice’ areas, as they’ll have wealthier people donating clothes there. You might just be able to pick up some designer labels at Primark prices!

for labels can give you two options; either you can wear high quality clothes for a low cost, or you can sell them on through sites such as eBay and try to earn some money back.

Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be giving back to the community by way of your money going towards a designated charity. It’s all about that feel-good feeling!

There are so many themed dress-up nights while at university, so why not gather together your funny outfits for cheaper here, too? They’re likely to end up with drink spilt on them or adorned with permanent marker anyway!

Finally, we spoke to some uni students recently, who had come up with some uber silly but oh so fun games surrounding charity shops…now how’s that for inexpensive entertainment! They suggested setting a monetary boundary, for example each spending £5 maximum. With a goal in mind, such as ‘find the ugliest sweater’ or ‘buy a complete outfit,’ they would split up, browse in charity shops only, and then meet back later on.

The results, they informed us, are always hilarious, and they usually end up using the garments for their student union nights out. When they’re done with them, they just donate them back or pass them on to other students.

A dress-up box to share with your housemates is an awesome idea! That way, you can mix and match funny outfits and accessories, saving you time and money by not having to go and buy new pieces for each themed social.

So, let’s go find us some bargains!

Here’s a site to help you locate the charity shops near you

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