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Glasgow: Student Alternative Shopping

is an essential tool of procrastination for every student. Besides and alcohol, it is the one thing that unites us all. Everyone loves to spend money they don’t have, and if you have the money then please stop showing off and spare a minute for those of us dancing the tango de poverty. In a day and age where everyone is so desperate to look the same, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to defy the army of sheep and be unique. By George! I think I’ve got it! Let’s try an alternative to the high street. I propose we start having a look in boutiques, one of a kind shops and even charity shops. Cheaper prices, different styles and guaranteed clothes that will be different to anyone else. For students coming to Glasgow, won’t it be nice to go home with items of clothing no one else can buy? Show off your individuality and embrace Glasgow’s own culture all at the same time. Here are some of the best:

Doll Boutique, Park Road



What started as a small boutique in Glasgow grew to be a pretty impressive venture for Doll Boutique who now even have their own clothing range! Their range is unique and quirky, with a mixture of some high street and individual brands. The ‘lookbook’ feature on their website is really cool with some great ideas for how to style your pieces. Well worth a look for inspiration! It’s well priced too.

Halo, Dumbarton Road


Perhaps the more glamorous shopping destination, Halo is the place to get you kitted out for events. With a huge selection of prom and evening dresses, as well as bridesmaid dresses for those extra special occasions, if you’re looking for something fancy this is certainly the place for you. There’s a large range of accessories to match but to stand out at an event, head down to Halo and get a totally unique dress.

Felix and Oscar, Great Western Road


Felix and Oscar is the best boutique if you’re looking for something authentically Scottish. A great place to buy your mates a truly unique gift! The have lots of childrens clothes and cool kitchen bits and bobs (not that you students will need any, let’s be honest) and their range of merchandise with typical Scottish phrase branding is best-selling!

Butterfly Kisses, Skirving Street

Link (Facebook):

With a cute name and a beautifully decorated interior, Butterfly Kisses is one of the best boutiques in Glasgow. With some really unique items of clothing from designers such as  Remix Collection, Pyrus, Butterfly Jewellery, Zoe Bonbon, Knuckleheads, Hula Mula and Teapon, it’s definitely worth a trip to have a browse of everything they have to offer. There’s also a great selection of cute little bits and bobs you could give as a present!  Highly recommended.

Charity Shops

Charity Shopping

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure so the saying goes, and it couldn’t be more true. Charity shops are often frowned upon, or thought to be ‘not cool’, but in my experience they’re the complete opposite. Filled with hidden treasures, where else could you get a designer dress for less than a tenner? Stop being snobby, head in and you just might surprise yourself.

Eco-Chic Boutique, High Street

Link: eco-chic-boutique

Link (Facebook):

Another Glaswegian boutique which has hit the big time, Eco-Chic has an impressive range of cool casual clothing. Printed tees, oversized jumpers and slogan beanies to boot, Asos snapped up this range and you can now purchase it online!

Fat Buddha, St Vincent Street


This is one for the lads (finally), but they also do great women’s clothes and gear too. Of the more sporty variety, Fat Buddha specialise in skateboarding and sports gear. With cool trainers and accessories it’s definitely the place for you if you’re a laid back, casual, sporty sort of person. The best part of the website is the cool photography and magazines section, Fat Buddha have really identified a niche market and exploiting it, offering a range of really different, totally cool things. Have a browse on the website and then head on down!

And there you have it, a little guide to some of the best boutiques in Glasgow, the best part is there are so many more. If you like what you see here then pop on Google and try and find some more, alternatively just take a stroll down to the West End and fill your boots. Enjoy!


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