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How to Save Pennies from the Comfort of Your Own Bed

Calling all students! Fancy saving yourselves a few bob? Of course you do! As a seasoned student I would consider myself an expert in the field of mild poverty and could pretty much write a novel about living on a budget (I’ll probably write a few blogs instead – stay tuned!) So I know there is nothing us students love more than the opportunity to save some cash. Having said this, I also know being a student means that in amongst all the napping, not tidying, being hungover and watching trashy American television shows there really aren’t that many hours left in the day to do what I like to call ‘stuff’. ‘Stuff’ in this case includes trying to figure out how to save your money. Brothers and sisters: I feel your pain, and I am here to relieve you of this heavy burden.

Here I have essentially created an online student bible; a list of links and supporting information which will help your student loan stretch just a little further, all compiled together in the form of this lovely (and witty) blog. Sit back/lie back and watch your overdraft limit disappear over yonder horizon with the help of these nifty little sites.

We’ll start with the simple ones:

Voucher Deal Websites

Before you groan and say this is like something your mum would look up on the internet: yes it probably is but that’s because your mama is a very wise lady. These websites, Groupon in particular are absolutely fantastic for ideas for a cheap evening out. We all need a break from essay writing and revision every now and then but often in an attempt to keep a firm grasp on our bank balance, we won’t allow ourselves that much needed time off. Why not have a slap up curry with a pint for £6? Ladies, get yourselves a manicure to make your work seem less daunting for under a tenner? You specify your location and Groupon will present you with a range of offers in your local area.

Some of the best (and cheapest) days out recently have been courtesy of both Groupon and KGB Deals: spa days, dinners out, manicures. Brilliant for a non-expensive treat for yourself, a lovely present and just a little break for you and your pals. Groupon also has an app which is perfect because you don’t get an army of e-mails sent through to ruin your day! And for the billy no mates among us…kgb sends a lot of e-mails so this would be ideal for pretending you have loads of friends and constantly checking your phone.


5pm is a Scotland based deals website which specialises in restaurant vouchers. The website is perfect – you type in for how many people, what date and your price range and it automatically produces a list of deals for your chosen evening. The same is available for hair, beauty and health offers. Scottish readers  – definitely check this out! It’s like having a virtual assistant!

Money Saving Expert

This website does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Martin Lewis (slightly obnoxious day time TV regular) may be irritating, but he certainly knows a thing or two about cash. His section specifically for students (the link above takes you right there – aren’t I good to you?) talks you through every monotonous money related issue you could come across as a student and essentially just makes life a heck easier. Issues include which student bank account offers the best overdraft, how to effectively deal with your student loan and it even comprises a list of the best deals of the week on saving money. If you sign up to their newsletter you get a lovely packaged e-mail full of the latest deals and which websites have certain offers, various ways of getting money off different things and some useful tips and tricks. Though relatively monotonous and unexciting, if you sign up to the newsletter there are some absolute gems in there which could really save you some decent amounts of money!

Student Beans

Student beans is a wee bit like Money Saving Expert except tailored specifically to students. It has all the latest up to date deals on how you, as a student, can save your money as well as some cool procrastination areas – games and such. My issue with the website is it’s very busy and perhaps the crazy colours might give you a bit of a headache. Well worth persevering though because some of the offers are crazy good for students – use this tool for all it’s worth! It also has a great section on jobs – a way to earn money as well as save money! They also have a newsletter for the lazy ones where they will specifically send you the latest deals much like Money Saving Expect. A combination of procrastination and productivity is always a winner in my book!

Uni Days

If you’re skint I probably shouldn’t be promoting a website which gives you discounts but you are never too skint for new clothes in my humble opinion. This website allows you to sign up via your institution details (basically your uni log-in) and generates a discount code for you to use for the different organisations which are signed up to Uni Days. A couple of months ago it wasn’t such a big deal but this website has really blossomed and now loads of great shops offer a discount! Paperchase offers a discount too so you can buy pens and stuff – educational, not just luxury.

So there you have it! A lovely list of various websites which will hopefully keep your bank balance that little bit lighter. Here are another few for you to have a little browse around if you fancy, all of which I’ve actually found really useful: – this one is really great too! Lots of useful lifestyle tips (of which will be coming in more exhilarating blogs!)

Happy money saving!

Carly Davis

Carly Davis

2nd Year Journalism & Media Studies student at Staffordshire University. Interests include horse-riding, personal fitness, and baking cakes!
Carly Davis

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Carly Davis
2nd Year Journalism & Media Studies student at Staffordshire University. Interests include horse-riding, personal fitness, and baking cakes!