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Nottingham Students – Eating Out on the Cheap

Students spend most of their time eating in their own kitchen. The closest they ever come to restaurant is if they work there. Of course, you can’t afford to be wined and dined every day of the week but it is nice to occasionally treat yourself and your friends/partner. Let’s face it – always tastes better when someone else makes it for you.

Serving Dinner

However, the taste of the evening can be soured by the sight of the bill at the end of the night. As usual, we’ve got you covered – we’ve lined up the best restaurant discounts and offers in Nottingham for students:

This offer is on all day Monday through Thursday and includes a choice of four starters and five main courses. It caters for vegetarians and meat eaters too. TGI Fridays is also centrally located right next to Cineworld so you can enjoy dinner and a movie without having to pay for a taxi. For an extra fiver you can upgrade to their “Uptown Menu” – this opens up the possibility of having wild boar, ribs and chicken and shrimp marinated in Jack Daniels. American-style food at its best.

There are no strict offers available here but the food is exceptional value. You can have a main meal and a couple of sides for under £15 – this is food that meets the standards of TV’s most popular down-to-earth chef. The atmosphere is just as authentic as the food – it has a rustic feel and the service is prompt and friendly – it’s a refreshing vibe to the usual feel of chain restaurants. Food-wise, choose from pasta, meat, fish and vegetable dishes that all have a little twist to them to make them unique to other Italian restaurant offerings.

  •  Giraffe – 30% student discount

Sign up to and print off their exclusive voucher to get almost a third off your bill. The restaurant is a jack of all trades and serves a multitude of cuisines so you can widen your palate on each visit. The offer is valid after 6pm Monday – Friday and on Sundays for a maximum of four people, so gather an entourage and go satiate your appetite.

  •  La Tasca – 2 for 1 from the Tapas to Share Menu

This offer is made for couples. Spanish food is always a treat for the tongue and you have a choice on the menu from 30 different dishes sourced from the sea, the field or the vegetable and salad garden. The Spaniards always have a way with fish, so the “From the Sea” section of the menu is highly recommended – although all the dishes hover at around a fiver so, if you budget at £10 per diner then you can enjoy a something from each section of the menu. Just head on down to and print off their voucher to be eligible for this bargain.

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