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Nottingham Students – the Best Bars and Pubs

Let’s face it – beer isn’t getting any cheaper, in fact; nothing is! But as a student, you probably spend a rather significant part of your student loan on alcoholic beverages.

Nottingham has an abundance of pubs and bars with the price of a pint varying between them. It’s no good trundling round each and every one of them and perusing their price lists before you buy – it will equal a night about as exciting as beans on toast. That’s why it’s important to know where to find the cheapest tipple. This is what Nottingham has to offer:

Bodega Social Club

Always popular with students, this venue offers live music, clubbing, and drinking to deliver many a memorable night. They host Sociable Hour sessions, with drinks only £2 from 4 – 9pm so it’s the place to be for your evening wind-downs. Normally, beer is £2.50 per bottle and when you consider the entertainment on offer it’s great bang for your buck.

Horn in Hand

Located practically opposite Nottingham Trent’s city campus this bar is a great place to hang out after lectures or to watch sport at the weekend. With pool tables upstairs and big screen TVs downstairs, it’s the quintessential bar to chill out during free afternoons and weekends. Also, for fans of rock and metal, the playlist will delight your ears and take you back to the nu-metal scene of the early noughties. Beer is, again, £2.50 per bottle.

The Organ Grinder

One for the ale aficionados out there. As part of the ‘Canning Circuit’, they serve a range of the finest cask ales from around the country. With the permanent guest beer, Bateman’s XB, priced at a very modest £2.50 per pint and other cask ales ranging from £2.75 to £3.30, this is definitely the place to sip on something a bit special and still have enough cash in your pocket to pay the bills.

The Roebuck Inn

Part of the Wetherspoon pub chain, you know what you’re getting – great value and service in a spacious yet friendly environment. The choices on offer are endless and it’s a great place to eat – you can get meals with a drink for under a fiver. The portions are generous and the patrons entertaining. In short, this is a safe bet that everyone will like.

Golden Fleece

This pub is a jack of all trades – it has TVs, Games Machines, Newspapers and a Roof Terrace. Beer starts £2.75 so you’ll be able to afford quite a few rounds. The trick up its sleeve is that depending on which night you go there’s different entertainment on offer. Sing along on Mondays at the open mic, test your knowledge on Wednesdays in the quiz and catch the next big thing on Sundays with live bands.

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