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Are UK Universities Worth it Anymore?

We all know the score: University fees have reached an all-time high of £9,000 a year, and we all know that unless we get an absolutely amazing high-powered job earning us millions; we’ll be stuck in debt for the rest of our lives.

Yet we all kind of feel that we have to go, because everyone else does too, right? 50% of students go into higher education, and we know that if we want our dream job, we need to get the degree (along with tonnes of experience, obviously) to get what we want.

But do we actually need to study in the UK? While we can’t be lucky like the Scots and go to Uni in our country for free; there are countries around the world who actually want us to go there, so provide us with financial incentives. Here’s what I’m talking about…


All Danish Universities allow students from the EU to study there free of charge! That means no tuition fees = less debt! Most universities offer degrees taught in English which will definitely make things easier; but most Universities offer Danish lessons to students, and international students can learn Danish for free anyway – all you need is a Danish CPR number (form of ID). And if you’re thinking ‘Denmark… What? Why?’ then stop right there – it’s not all dairy farming (although there are actually degrees in that). Copenhagen is the current Capital of Cool… minimalistic Nordic clothing is all the rage; and you can study everything from business to architecture. Plus, if Denmark STILL isn’t sounding appealing enough, it’s really safe and has some of the highest living standards in the whole world… well, I’m convinced!

The Netherlands

Although tuition fees aren’t free like in Denmark, costs are significantly lower when compared to those in England – yearly fees are around €1,850 (about £1,600) and you can either pay the money upfront, or in 10 monthly instalments. While the cost of living in Amsterdam is similar to the UK; if you choose to study in smaller towns and cities then you can expect to save even more. There are plenty of subjects to choose from that are taught in English; and as you’re just a short (and cheap) plane flight away from England, you can always jet back over at weekends if you’re feeling homesick!


Poland offers more than 400 English-taught degrees; and tuition fees are around €2,000 per year (about £1,750) – much lower than in England! If you’re in need of extra cash, EU students can find work rather easily due to the need for English-speaking workers. In addition to this, Poland is a great base for exploring: not only is the country seeped in history, but being right in the centre of Europe means you can get around the rest of the continent fairly easily and cheaply thanks to the many trains that run through the country. And if you’re a bit concerned about living in the mysterious section of land that is known as ‘Eastern Europe’ then you can relax – Poland’s crime rate is much lower than most other EU countries… just use your common sense (like you would in every other country).


Tuition fees range from just £400-£1,000 per year, and the cost of living there is much lower too. There are English spoken courses; but as Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, it’s very useful to start learning it… and where better than in Spain? You never know, after three years of living there, you may just become fluent!

Studying abroad isn’t, of course, for everyone. While financially it’s viable, you’ll have to accept that you won’t get to see your family and friends as much; and that you may feel lonely being in a different country. However, the experiences and new friends you’ll pick up on the way is invaluable, and employers love people who have gone out and done something different! It’s definitely worth looking in to… just wish I’d known about it when I was applying to University!

Carly Davis

Carly Davis

2nd Year Journalism & Media Studies student at Staffordshire University. Interests include horse-riding, personal fitness, and baking cakes!
Carly Davis

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Carly Davis
2nd Year Journalism & Media Studies student at Staffordshire University. Interests include horse-riding, personal fitness, and baking cakes!